About Us

Like many, my father introduced me to fishing at a very young age - 4, I believe. A farm pond and a 10" crappie was all it took and I was hooked for life. Growing up just outside of Marengo, Iowa the Iowa River was my stomping grounds for my early years. This is where I truly learned first hand about moving water and how fish relate to it. Countless hours spent with my father and grandfather on this river were experiences I will never forget and also laid the groundwork for a lifetime love of the sport of fishing. Late in my teens I caught the walleye bug that I still have today. Bellevue and Muscatine, Iowa were considered home waters, but trips to almost every pool from Burlington to St. Paul were also made. In that time frame, trips to other large rivers such as the Illinois and Tennessee also became annual events. Since our family's move to Minnesota in 2002, Pool 4 of the Mississippi River has been my home water. Most of my guiding is done on Pool 4 but also guide on Pools 2 and 3 on request. I pride myself on versatility and have a great deal of experience with many techniques. Learning to fish many different presentations with confidence takes many, many hours on the water. Then knowing when and where to apply each is gained only through experience. Please call us at (612) 875-8848, or click here and we'll be happy answer any questions.